10.05.2014 - 17:00 - 21:00
Esther Leslie and Robert Dellar Book Launch

The Exhibition Centre for the Life & Use of Books' first public event, coordinated by Library Curator Marcus Barnett was an evening of discussion and drinks to launch Esther Leslie's 'Derelicts: Thought Worms from the Wreckage and Robert Dellar's 'Splitting in Two: Mad Pride and Punk Rock Oblivion', both published by Unkant.


"Philosophy and art with the imagination to actually change the world: this is the unfinished dream of history and the heart of the revolutionary modernism of the early 20th century, which globalised war and exploitation managed indefinitely to defer. Esther Leslie reopens the cold case on filmmakers, artists, thinkers and other animals, exiled or otherwise Disneyfied, and finds still-warm fertile ground for a wild future as yet unfulfilled. From ideal homes with traces erased to utopian rivers drawn back to their source, the alienated subject of history discerns its rightful place in the present tense, with no room for buts or half-measures. The derelicts of history find new life beyond commodified thought: would that the same could be said for all their readers.."

Esther Leslie is Professor of Political Aesthetics at Birkbeck College, University of London, and is an important thinker and writer on issues of contemporary radical politics and aesthetics.


"Robert Dellar’s reminiscences impart a strange, unwholesome joy, like smoking a cig dipped in popper juice. The only response to the atrocious farce of modern life has to be this savage laughter.
Out to Lunch

In this incendiary slice of under-the-radar British social history we meet everyone from Ronnie Corbett to a Broadmoor inmate whose index offence was the subject of a D-Notice. Robert Dellar’s anti-authoritarian and take-no-prisoners spirit of mischief makes it possible for readers of every persuasion to find something to offend their sensibilities.
Simon Morris (Ceramic Hobs)"

Robert Dellar is a writer and campaigner who has worked for various mental health organisations since 1987. Founding Mad Pride in 1999 with three friends allowed him to fuse his long-term preoccupations with madness, leftist political provocation and outsider rock and roll. 'Splitting In Two', a long-awaited read, documents Mad Pride in a hitherto unrivaled way.

Splitting in Two & Derelicts can be bought at The Exhibition Center for the Life and Use of Books for £10 (limited stock).


Esther Leslie and Robert Dellar Book Launch by lifeanduseofbooks